The Land of Fairy Tales is a method of teaching foreign languages to young children aged 2 to 9.
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June 2012
University of Valencia in Spain invites Agnieszka Horyza to the International Conference Teaching Literature in English for Young Learners.
March 2011

Agnieszka Horyza gives lectures at the conference of the Modern Languages Association of Poland in Kalisz and at the international conference on Communication - Culture - Creativity in Piła .

September 2011
Anna Raulinajtys, Ph.D. defends her Ph.D. thesis on "Educational Discourse in Teaching EFL to Kindergarten Children: An Ethnographic Study." She conducted her research while teaching children through The Land of Fairy Tales Method.
November 2011
More than 8,000 children learn languages through our method.
July 2010
TV broadcast in TV MAX, Koszalin (zobacz)
September 2010
More cities join the program; the number of children taught through the method hits the 7,000 mark.
For the kids:
  • natural acquisition of the second language while taking full use of the children’s potential
  • learning in a setting that ensures a sense of safety and security
  • classes that are stimulating, motivating and fun

For the parents:
  • a proven-effective method of children teaching confirmed by primary school teachers
  • the ability to keep regular track of the child’s progress
  • high quality of teaching at a reasonable price

For schools:
  • a proven-effective method that is in line with the curriculum recommendations
  • highly qualified teachers
  • measurable effects of teaching that are highly praised by the parents
  • convenient and secure terms of co-operation

For the franchisee:
  • ready-made business solution
  • proven and profitable business
  • extensive support

For the teacher:
  • a system of training programs to upgrade qualifications
  • regular orders
  • the opportunity to learn an effective and cutting-edge method of foreign language teaching
  • career opportunity – from the Teacher to the Sales Representative to the Franchisee