Our method

Method creators

Agnieszka Horyza

The method was developed by Agnieszka Horyza.

In her first job, Agnieszka spent a year in an elementary school with a pre-k program in the US. It was there that Agnieszka learnt how to teach the youngsters. It was also in the course of that year that Agnieszka became acquainted with the American market of teaching- and classroom aids.

Apart from other job-related duties, Agnieszka helped organize a number of events to promote Polish culture in America, the work for which she received letters of congratulations from the US President Bill Clinton and the-then Governor of New Hampshire Stephen Merril. After that first stay, Agnieszka returned to the pre-school in the US four more times to gather more experience.

Upon her return to Poland, Agnieszka translated stories for children and worked as a teacher in pre-schools. She gathered most of her experience with children as part of exchange programs under the supervision of excellent American educators.

After graduating with a MA in English from the School of English at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Agnieszka worked as a branch manager and administrative director in two language schools for adult learners. Her work with adults involved the use of various teaching methods and helped her gain even more insight into the most effective techniques of teaching English.

While working as a volunteer for the Committee for the Protection of Child Rights (where she assisted in translation of documents and conferences, and organized language classes for psychologists), Agnieszka gained appreciation and understanding of the need to promote self-confidence and self-esteem in children.

Małgorzata Rzempowska

Małgorzata has collaborated with Agnieszka Horyza since March 2009. So far, she has created dozens of hand-painted illustrations. She created most of her works using dry pastel technique or watercolors.

Małgorzata graduated from the Faculty of Artistic Education at the University of Arts in Poznań. She received a master's degree in fine arts with distinction.

Małgorzata creates "mineral paintings" - large-format works where she uses her original technique to present the inside of stones and minerals, which are entirely made of sand and stones on a stretcher frame. In addition, Małgorzata also produces drawings (charcoal, dry pastel), paintings (mainly acrylic) and sculpture (spatial installations made of cord). Her works in various techniques have been presented at about a dozen individual and collective exhibitions.



Magdalena Theus

Magdalena has been co-operating with Agnieszka Horyza for more than five years. In the course of their collaboration, Magdalena has created around 600 hand-painted illustrations. Each of them is carefully thought-out, designed, sketched and painstakingly painted - a true gem of art. All illustrations are made with watercolors or crayons.

Apart from drawings, Magdalena also specializes in mural painting. Her beautiful work can be admired on the walls in the offices of the Land of Fairy Tales Kindergarten. In addition, Magda Theus paints on glass, porcelain and ceramics.

Magda is also passionate about stained glass. She creates them in her own studio (Artistic Studio - Stained Glass Studio). Her works are in huge demand and are bought by clients not only in Poland but also in other countries, such as Belgium, Germany and the US.

Our visual artist developed her skills in the Academy of Visual Arts and in the Higher School of Applied Arts.

Katarzyna Kossowska

Katarzyna has worked on the program since 2004. She has created several dozens of illustrations for the booklets and she is the author of the cover design.

Katarzyna received her MA from the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Industrial Design at the University of Arts.

Her works include: paintings (oil, watercolor), sculpture (wood, clay, plastic, metals, and glass), poster design, typography and lettering, as well as interior design. She is a lecturer in Art History.