Our method

Teaching aids

It is not only the well-prepared methodology that made The Land of Fairy Tales so successful but also a wealth of teaching aids used in the teaching process. Our teaching aids are beautifully crafted and so far we have managed to stay away from computer techniques, which makes our method truly fabulous.

Our method is centered around 4 booklets with fairy tales and fables, which contain a total of 20 stories for the 4 proficiency levels.

Apart from the vocabulary typical for the story, each fairy tale introduces some basic general concepts that are indispensable for the process of learning a foreign language - starting with colors and numbers, body parts, names of fruit and vegetables, animals, feelings and emotions, family members, home, daily activities, articles of clothing, meals, toys, etc. Each word is introduced with the aid of an image and is used in rhymes, songs and games, which are an integral part of the program. A fairy tale is also used to introduce children to the world of grammar - it teaches them slowly and effectively the correct use of a language.

The program uses the spiral approach to teaching - all new elements are constantly reviewed until the child has mastered them. The number of reviews is calculated as accurately as possible.

CDs are another important means used in the teaching process. They contain vocabulary, rhymes and songs, and the fairy tales as well. A variety of songs, rhymes, games and plays has a positive impact on the emotional aspect of teaching.

We are particularly proud of our flashcard system that is used for vocabulary teaching. In the course of the past eight years, we have compiled several hundreds of pictures. Each of these original creations has been hand made by a visual artist.

Puppets are also designed especially for our program. Each of them is made by a visual artist to enchant the children and create positive atmosphere in the classroom. Those little characters, including Goldilocks, Gingerbread Man or the Snow White, introduce the children to the foreign language and create the optimum and stress-free environment in which children can immediately start communicating in the foreign language.

Progress Books for Parents are yet another important element of the comprehensive system of teaching aids. Progress Books are addressed to parents and contain information on the progress of their children. As such, they are a unique proposal on the Polish education market.

Furthermore, we created 3-D games related to the program, which makes our offer even more attractive for our most important users.

All teaching aids form a uniform system that provides optimum support to the children in the process of foreign language acquisition.